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Monday, June 05, 2006

The best day of my life.

I cant believe how good this day was, I mean I’ve been to concerts before but defiantly NONE like this. I mean I was centre meters away from touching someone who had touched Johnathon Ross, CAN YOU BELIVE THAT?

They day started off Dami, Will, Ryan and I got dropped off in Manchester, we decided to go and grab something to eat from McDonalds, they were still serving breakfast so we had that. I got a cup of coffee which was so awkward and spilt really easily. It was now about 11 and we had started queuing up for the concert, I admit I winged a bit to begin with, but I’m glad we stayed queuing now as we had the best position at the stadium, about 3 meters away from the stage, I mean can you believe that we were meters away from bon jovi, I mean common BON JOVI!

So after about an hour of queuing we were getting really bored and thirsty, we sent Ryan and Dami to go and pick up so goods for us, including crayons and a drawing pad. They returned and we started to draw random things, including:

My interpretation of Jon Bon Jovi

About half an hour before we went in, all these bastards who had just joined the queue had started to try to push to the front, they got kicked out and stuff tough, which was good. Because we were golden ticket holders we got these awesome translucent bands which gave us access to the golden circle, but I put mine on tight and it pissed me off the whole night, I didn’t mind that much though.

Oh we did see Ryan’s look a like.

And here is us minus Ryan, rocking out by the portaloo:

Now heres some random pictures take while queuing up:



Ok so we have now entered the stadium and found ourselves running down the stairs and down the field, passing Lego men like figures who were actually bar staff walking around the stadium hading out drinks. We soon entered the golden circle, only now I noticed how close we would actually be to the bands.

Ok so after a while of trying to get ourselves as far to the front as possible, the first band entered the stage. They were called “The geckos” and had won a competition to support Bon Jovi. They were quite good, they said there my space link but I can’t find them, well here are a few photos of them.

Ok now Nickelback come to the stage, I really thought these guys were going to suck so much, but they have changed my views on them. I quite like them now, I mean they did fire t shirts through canons into the crowd, even though I dint get one. They were quite good, and we mistook about 3 songs for the Spiderman song.

Now, BON JOVI what can I say, really, they were sooooo good. I really can’t describe how good it was. We got on the big screen too. They were amazing; you don’t know what it feels like when 65000 people are all singing along to this song, admiring these guys who give you the true joy of music. Here is some pictures of them:


We were SOOO close!

The final bow

Now here are some pictures of us inside the concert:

Me and dami doing the hand shake :P


Alot of people, when we were leaving :P

All photos taken by ryan robinson, use without permission of these can rusult in a fine. :-)

all rights reserved (C)

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Marks party


That’s s truly the only way I can describe this. Ok so it was pretty much guys there, but seriously I had so much fun, easily the most fun I’ve had with my buddies in a long time. It sucks that some of my closer friends couldn’t be there. Well ill describe what happened for those who didn’t go, well at least the bits I remember.

Ok well it starts of, we get there in the mini bus with half all our body weight in alcohol D. We just go in and put it out on the table, once it got flowing I decided to mash it up with some “DECENT CHOONS” which is obviously going to be pimps and geez. So everyone was very amused with this, after all not everyone had heard us. Some people were drunk by now and just having a good time. I got a phone call to go and pick up Hannah and Kim from Rhyl, but there was no way of getting there at this time. Later on Josh, matt and his friend turn up, who can all drive. They take me down to Rhyl high to pick Hannah and Kim up. On the way back we also picked up two road signs, I say picked up, should be took down. One with a cow and one with a duck, Towler enjoyed the duck one a lot.

Now we get back and Paul Penfold Laura and Ben are all throwing up. Which was annoying, not because they were ill, but because I was the only person there willing to look after them, well at least Paul and Penfold. So I spent a bit looking after them but they got picked up.

So then we decided to go download loads of porn to marks computer, this was all fun. By now half the people were passed out, including Brendan so will, Dami and I decided to put a pig on him.

After that we spent about 4 hours on the computer send voice clips and nudges to people, and also the occasional spamming of Kate’s (shotgun wedding) convocation.

Then Damien will and I went around the house putting tomato purée on everyone as they slept, but shhh no one was suppose to know about that.

After generally pissing about, Damien Will and I decided to do a bit of tidying up before everyone got up so we could get the bacon first. So we spent at least 2 hours tidying downstairs. We then went on the computer for a bit, by this time it was about 8 am.

By 10am people started to get up, we chilled out and had breakfast, which was just bacon cheese and chocolate sprinkles. We started to watch some TV and then everyone started cleaning up, Damien Will and I didn’t as we had done well over our share, now Brendan has a go at us after doing 2 minutes of cleaning up and we just say that when he has cleaned as much as us we will help him. He got in a mood an said he had a headache so stopped cleaning. So now everything was clean and people were eating into marks supply of food that has to last him the week.

After chilling out for a bit we started using the catapult and firing shit, ha ha ha it was awesome, eggs, bricks, tatties anything we could find really. We got home about 5 pm and then I walked home tired to fuck. I got in and slept for 16 hours.

Here is a picture of Damien on the loo.

Putting out the beer.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

X-men 3

Well Ryan, Will, Jack, Dami and I went to see this movie in Rhyl, I hadn’t really looked into it and I probably wouldn’t have watched it if everyone else didn’t want to. Well it was a lot better than I thought it was, although it does have over its fair share of… well things that don’t make sense and stupid mistakes, like when a ton of mutants had just been changed to humans and suddenly disappeared. And people moving about 4 meters standing still. Other than that I thought it was a great movie, I probably preferred this to the other two. Im not really going to write a review or anything on it because you should just go and check it out yourself, I recommend it a lot. But I will tell you this Magneto discovers one of his greater powers… the power of chess.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The beginning…

Ok well some people say, “oh im going to diet and loose all this weight blah blah blah” now some people do that and are successful. I’m not like them I cant get thin by just eating the right foods, starting from today im going to be on a full health life style. I can cope with it any longer, I am way too fat for my own good, I have to leave the computer, and do some exercise otherwise ill become a monster. It takes a bit of sun for me to realise this, I seen the sun before and just though “wtf am I doing here” I know atm I’m not even fit enough to run down the street without being worn out, I would run or ride everywhere and would be out all the time. I have to admit I have been in a depression for the past few moths and that is probably the reason I have gained the weight but I’m stopping now, ill probably join the gym as so as possible it in the mean time in going to be doing sit ups ect to try and get healthy again. I mean I’m 16 for Christ sake I need to get oust to exercise now, I’m not going to be walking round when I have a car so I’m going to have to get fit before then, any of my friends who read this please support me, I will need it. Thanks xx

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Playstation 3.

Well this is the probably the console a lot of people have been eagerly waiting for, for along time. To be honest I think it is turning out to be a joke. The original controller was a bit… Daring but the new design, well I was a bit shocked when I saw it just after they had the court case for the rumble pads. The new pad has got rid of the rumble and put in the tilt feature, which I like quite a lot, although it is used by there competitors Nintendo in there new console the wii. They also have a button in the middle of the pad just like the 360.


A 360 and a wii or a ps3 which costs the same as them both together… oooh the decisions. £499 plus Vat, think of what else you could buy for that. Even after it being so expensive there still losing the most out of the three next generation consoles in making it. And I know there has been some profanity about the core and premium packages with the xbox 360 but look at it this way at least you can upgrade the core, the playstation three does not offer this option, they offer a cheaper version of the console, the difference is that the it doesn’t have as many sockets at the back, I’m not quite sure what it will be missing, but to be perfectly honest it probably wont matter if its missing the Ethernet socket, I mean who uses playstation live or whatever it is anyway.

I don’t mean to bitch about the console but come on if sony were straight with us from the start no one would care, but I mean look at the difference in this.

Oh i alos found this picture of the ports.


The pictures on this page may not be all true they are just pictures i have found i am not putting myself forward to be held responsible for any of these pictures

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The interview…

The interview…

Right well as I currently have not got the slightest idea of what I want to do with my future, I decided to book a careers interview with my local careers office, who directed my to my careers advisor in school. So I arrive there in a bit of a bummer mood, after all this is my entire future im trying to decide on, I have no idea. So after talking for a while I am much re ashored that it is fine not to be sure what I want to do at the moment. we talked about all these courses I could go on to help me think about what I want to do, I was pleased when she said I would be getting paid to attend. We had a short chat about different careers I could follow, such as Apprenticeship ect… this is when I motioned my interest in electronics, this is where she suggested a career in programming, this is a bit far fetched but at the time it appealed a lot. Im still not too sure what I want to do but this has made me a lot happier for the moment and I don’t have to worry as much about my future because I now have some sort of guidance.

Before I went for the interview me and some friends ( Mark, John, Jack, Ryan and me, later arriving tom) were fooling about with marks recently occupied water balloon slingshot, it can travel 150 meters. We didn’t have it for too long but the time we did have it was very fun. I’m sure it will bring many smiles on Monday.

Here is a picture of the sling shot

I will be back soon.

Monday, May 22, 2006

First blog

Well hello, I am ninja and these are my thoughts. I’m probably going to start of my telling you my real name for all of you who don’t know me in person, Liam Jones. I’m usually to lazy to describe what I do for fun, well I’m not that exciting I like to hang out with friends and just have a good time, other than that drawing and the internet are my two other loves oh and of course I enjoy skiing, although it is rather expensive. That’s about it for my interests, ill tell you a little about the music I like, this is pretty much the biggest part of my life at the moment, I like a lot of funk music, I have a big love for techno and some dance music. A lot of my favourite bands are as such, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Foo fighters, Beastie boys ect, I also have a very strong hip hop and garage/ grime following, Sway, Wiley, Roll deep kru.

There will be a lot more blogs to come, telling you extremely interesting events in my life. xx