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Thursday, May 25, 2006

The beginning…

Ok well some people say, “oh im going to diet and loose all this weight blah blah blah” now some people do that and are successful. I’m not like them I cant get thin by just eating the right foods, starting from today im going to be on a full health life style. I can cope with it any longer, I am way too fat for my own good, I have to leave the computer, and do some exercise otherwise ill become a monster. It takes a bit of sun for me to realise this, I seen the sun before and just though “wtf am I doing here” I know atm I’m not even fit enough to run down the street without being worn out, I would run or ride everywhere and would be out all the time. I have to admit I have been in a depression for the past few moths and that is probably the reason I have gained the weight but I’m stopping now, ill probably join the gym as so as possible it in the mean time in going to be doing sit ups ect to try and get healthy again. I mean I’m 16 for Christ sake I need to get oust to exercise now, I’m not going to be walking round when I have a car so I’m going to have to get fit before then, any of my friends who read this please support me, I will need it. Thanks xx


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  • You ain't fat. Bitch. ;)

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